A meditation on chosen family.

The Tree of Belonging: A Meditation on Chosen Family

Find a comfortable position, allowing your body to settle and become present. Take a few deep breaths, feeling the air fill your lungs with each inhale and leave with each exhale. Notice how your breath connects you to the present moment.

Now, soften your gaze and bring your awareness outward. Imagine yourself standing next to a magnificent tree, its branches reaching towards the sky. This tree represents your chosen family – the individuals who, through shared experiences and unwavering connection, offer love, support, and a sense of belonging.

Focus on the trunk of the tree, sturdy and strong. This represents the foundation of your chosen family, the shared history and experiences that bind you together. Visualize each memory as a ring within the trunk, adding to the strength and resilience of the whole.

Now, shift your attention to the branches of the tree. Each branch represents a member of your chosen family. Notice their unique shapes and sizes, reflecting their individual personalities. Some branches may stretch high and strong, others may twist and turn, each reflecting the unique journey that brought them to you.

Imagine yourself walking amongst the branches, revisiting cherished memories with each member of your chosen family. Perhaps you share a laugh with a playful branch, one known for its humor. Maybe you feel a sense of calm under a sturdy branch, a symbol of unwavering support. With each memory, feel a sense of warmth and gratitude wash over you.

Look up at the leaves of the tree, each one a symbol of love and support offered by your chosen family. See how the leaves, despite their differences, work together to provide shade and nourishment, creating a safe and nurturing environment for you to grow.

Imagine yourself as a new leaf on the tree, adding your own unique perspective and strength to the branches. Recognize that you contribute to the overall health and beauty of your chosen family.

Take a few moments of silence to express silent gratitude to your chosen family for their presence in your life. Thank them for their shade, their support, and the sense of belonging they provide.

Return your focus to your breath. With each inhale, feel the warmth and joy of these connections. With each exhale, release any doubts or self-doubt that might hold you back from fully embracing your chosen family.

Carry this sense of gratitude and connection with you throughout your day. Just like the tree needs nourishment to thrive, your chosen family does too. Reach out to them today, share a moment of joy, and offer your own support, strengthening the beautiful tree of belonging you’ve built together.

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