Finding Time to Meditate with Email

Finding Zen in My Inbox: How an Email Helps Me Meditate

Let’s be real: carving out “me time” in the daily chaos can feel like wrangling cats. Between work deadlines, overflowing inboxes, and the never-ending social whirl, the idea of meditation often gets relegated to the “someday” list.

But here’s the thing: my mind, it’s a battlefield. Untamed thoughts gallop around like runaway horses, leaving me feeling frazzled and scattered. I knew I needed a change, a way to cultivate some inner peace, but how to actually fit it into my already-packed schedule?

Enter the humble email. Now, I know what you’re thinking -– another notification vying for my attention? But hear me out! Instead of feeling like yet another task on my to-do list, this little digital nudge became my silent champion.

Here’s how it works: every morning, I receive an email with a meditative subject line. It’s short, sweet, and doesn’t require any action besides taking a few deep breaths and reading for about a minute. And sometimes, that’s all I have time for –- a mini mindfulness moment to center myself before the day unfolds.

On good days, though, that email becomes a springboard. One minute turns into five, and suddenly, I’m not just thinking — I’m actively meditating. It’s amazing how a few moments of stillness can shift my perspective. The looming deadline doesn’t seem so daunting, and the overflowing inbox feels a little less overwhelming.

The best part? Reading this simple email has become a habit. It’s a gentle reminder that amidst the whirlwind, there’s always time for a little peace, even if it’s just a few stolen moments. So if you’re struggling to find time to meditate, give this email a try by signing up for Meditation Minute by filling out the form below. You might be surprised at how a little digital nudge can unlock a world of inner calm!

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