From Pinball Mind to Peaceful Page: My Unexpected Path to Meditation

My brain had always been a pinball machine on overdrive. Thoughts bounced around like neon lights, urgent and flashy. One minute I’d be hyperfocused on a task, the next, a rogue thought about, say, the migratory patterns of cliff swallows, would send me spiraling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. This was life with ADHD.

Medication helped, but it wasn’t a cure-all. The constant mental chatter left me exhausted. One of my friends suggested meditation. “It’s not about emptying your mind,” she assured me, “but about observing your thoughts without judgment.”

Sitting still for extended periods sounded like torture, but I was desperate for a small bit of peace. So, I downloaded a meditation app, found a quiet corner, and tried to cross my legs. The attempts were disastrous. My mind just did not cooperate.

I loved the IDEA of meditation and was really frustrated that it didn’t work for me. I wanted to find SOME sort of meditation I could use, so I asked myself when I felt most calm. The answer was simple, and obvious: when I was reading. Whenever I focused on text, the frantic thoughts in my head slowed down, replaced by the rhythm of words. It wasn’t about emptying my mind; it was about filling it with one particular thing. It was about focus. I could step outside normal thoughts for a while!

Reading was not an escape for me; it was a form of meditation.

This realization was the seed that eventually sprouted Meditation Minute. Meditation Minute works for me because it is about focus and thought.

Of course, Meditation Minute has not cured my ADHD, but it has become a powerful tool in my arsenal. It helps me navigate my constant mental hum. It works wonderfully for me, and I hope it will work for you, too!

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